why le moulin?                                                     

exceptional holiday, great value

Apart from loads of interesting birds to see, why choose le Moulin?

Wonderful Value Comparing like with like, the highly-acclaimed holidays offered by le Moulin du Chemin cost much less than other holidays. Le Moulin du Chemin is family business (with the highest professional standards) which means that the considerable overheads associated with larger enterprises are not incurred and the savings are passed on to guests in the attractive tariffs. Compare Moulin prices for yourself with other holidays in the same league and you will realise that holidays at le Moulin du Chemin offer really good value for money.

No Hidden Extras No incidental costs. We start to realise how expensive a holiday really was when card statements arrive after our return home. At le Moulin, everything, but everything, is included in the reasonable tariff. There are no bills for extras and no incidental expenses. All the wonderful meals and generous quantities of excellent wine as well as all fruit juices, soft drinks, beer, cider, coffee, tea, etc, are all included in the price. A well-stocked drinks fridge is available 24hrs per day for you to help yourself and there is no extra charge. Internet access is free. Even the post cards are free.

At le Moulin, All Drinks are on the House!

Exceptional Hospitality Le Moulin is small enough for each visitor to be in effect a personal house guest. Superb cuisine is based on wholesome raw ingredients carefully prepared on the premises (keeping in mind healthy eating) and attractively presented in agreeable surroundings. Evenings at le Moulin are a special occasion - a highlight that attracts some guests year after year - when aperitifs-at-seven are followed by a leisurely four-course even meal with plenty of lovely wine, where guests and hosts sit at single table. It can turn into a party with the great food, loads of wine and free flowing conversation. The proprietors unobtrusively ensure that nobody feels excluded.

Repeat Bookings Say It All In 2013 almost 30% of bookings at le Moulin were either repeat bookings or bookings from previous guests' recommendations. There could hardly be a more compelling reason to sample for yourself le Moulin's celebrated hospitality.

Wine-Tasting Bonus At least twelve different wines from family producers in the Anjou, Loire, Fiefs Vendéen as well as wines from the larger French wine producing areas are presented during a six-night holiday. Guests pleasantly surprised by the remarkably high quality of le Moulin’s wines relative to how little the holiday costs.

Great Accommodation Comfortable, ensuite rooms each with its own distinctive character in a 16th century mill house.

Heated Pool 27°C to 29°C for comfort before the sun has done it's job.

Unpolluted and Tranquil The region is sparsely populated with no major roads, railways or industries to create noise and pollution. Very often the only sounds at le Moulin are birdsong and the babbling of the stream.

Feel Good Factor Some guests claim that le Moulin has restorative qualities, although it's normal from any holiday to go home feeling better than on arrival. So what's different about le Moulin - visit the wellbeing pages of le Moulin's website to understand some particular characteristics contributing to le Moulin's exceptional restorative properties.

Plenty of Other Things to Do Apart from the abundance of birds to see, there are masses of wild flowers, butterflies and wildlife to see. The region is steeped in history and there are numerous places of cultural and natural interest – some sites have been attractively developed to receive visitors. There are also some nice golf courses – well maintained, interesting to play, not crowded and surprisingly inexpensive. And Europe’s finest fishing complex is close by. The locals are friendly if you want to practice French, however rusty, they love to talk to strangers.

Masses of Information Guestrooms each have a wittily written dossier packed with information about le Moulin and the region in general - places to go, things to do, amusing facts, local stories, history and myth, items about food and wine, puzzles to solve, jokes, pictures, bird watching data, etc.

Great Walks starting right at the Front Gate There are no doubts about the quality and variety of the walking based at le Moulin and no need to waste time seeking out information on where to go – well-researched, professionally produced route maps and notes are provided. Information and friendly advice is freely available from your hosts Carolynn and Peter, based on their knowledge from years living in the area.

Exceptionally Good Value

where else can you get so much for so little?

Carolynn, Peter and the others at le Moulin are dedicated to making your holiday as enjoyable as possible. Descriptions on this website are accurate, so you can know if a Moulin holiday will suit you. We want you to be well satisfied !



Maison d'Hôte: Carolynn Grimaldi, 2 lieu-dit le Moulin du Chemin, 79240 Scillé, France

+33 (0)5 4995 9487


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