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Our good friend, the Vancouver artist Karen Curry, held wonderful Painting Weeks at le Moulin du Chemin in September 2014 and 2015. You can see more about Karen and her excellent paintings at:


Here is the group hard at work and hard at play during the first painting week.

And here are some of the pictures they painted, hanging in the guestrooms at le Moulin du Chemin.

les lilas


les Poutres


la Clochard


The following is a gallery of art by guests at le Moulin du Chemin








John and Dagny Rossignol are an interesting couple from Prince Edward Island, Canada. This is a watercolour of le Moulin du Chemin that Dagny painted while on holiday at le Moulin in May 2015. John pioneered vine growing and wine making on Prince Edward Island. See John's website at


 Puy-de-Serre Church by guest Colin Morse

le Moulin by Joanna Brown

le Moulin by Martin Day. Martin's ink drawing was incredibly made in less than two hours with the aid of a considerable quantity of fine Cognac.

Here is a guest's comment that we could not resist to reproduce. It is from the lovely Eva Yin from Kowloon, Hong Kong. We had problems reading the characters, but Eva assured us the comment is safe to propagate!

another nice watercolour of the locality by Colin Morse

la rue d'Eglise at Vouvent





















le Moulin du Chemin by John Randall

water colour kindly donated by Walt Winkworth


kindly donated by Karen on her first visit to le Moulin in 2013.

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