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The expressions 'Self-guided Holiday' and 'Single-centre Holiday' seem to be self-explanatory. Nevertheless, the expressions are explained below, with additional information to help you make your choice.


Self-guided Walking or Cycling Holidays are sometimes referred to as Independent Holidays. Self-guided means, as the name suggests, that a method of finding the walking or cycling routes is supplied by the holiday provider, rather than by following a guide (also arranged by the holiday provider). The methods of finding the routes may include the following:

  • Highlighted maps

  • Route notes (route cards for road bikers)

  • Waymarkings, or

  • GPS downloaded routes

Le Moulin issues a Personalised Dossier issued to guests including sets of highlighted maps and professionally prepared route-notes (both the latter are printed on convenient plastic-laminated A4 sheets). In addition the relevant official 1:25,000 maps, published by IGN (French government mapmaker) are also provided. Some of le Moulin’s routes are also waymarked. GPS downloads are an option we are working on for the future.

The lack of a guide on a self-guided holiday has the following advantages:

  • Guests can go at their own pace, not slowed-down by lack of progress of a individual in the guided group and not concerned to keep-up with the fastest.

  • For walkers in particular and also for cyclists, birds and animals are less visible when a chattering group passes, than when a silent few pass.

It is interesting to note that cyclists and horse riders can often get a closer view of animals compared with walkers, who might find it difficult. Animals are often unafraid when they see a cyclist or a horse rider, because to animals the profile of a human on a bike or a human on a horse is not associated with the profile of the human, who they fear.

a red squirrel (photo credit Josua Comaish) and a ragondan, both photographed near le Moulin


Single-centre Holidays are distinct from holidays where you walk or cycle from hotel-to-hotel every day, or every few days. Single-centre holidays have the following benefits,.

  • Less Stress - no repacking and unpacking each day - no anxiety about reaching the next hotel

  • Less Touristy - at le Moulin guests feel more like a little part of the community and less like tourists

  • More Versatile - possibility to mix for walking, cycling, horse riding, sight seeing and simply relaxing

  • More Variety - with respect to menus le Moulin is not subject to the same regional specialities each day

  • More Amicable - leisurely meals at a communal table for guests and hosts - rather than separate restaurant tables

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