le moulin's vegetarian credentials

Le Moulin's vegetarian credentials come from the cultures' of the personnel.

One of the residents for twelve of le Moulin's twenty year existence as a holiday enterprise has been a lady called Janie - guests who have been coming to le Moulin for years will well remember her.

Since childhood, vegetarianism has been Janie's culture in a certain sense since she grew-up in a vegetarian household where both her parents were dedicated vegetarians.

For ten years Janie managed restaurants for the London vegetarian chain Cranks, including the prestigious Covent Garden restaurant. Her most thumbed vegetarian tome is Rose Elliot's Bean Book.

We are still very much in contact with Janie and her  influence remains with us at le Moulin - although we had to buy our own copy of Rose Elliot's Bean Book. 

hummingbird hawk-moth taking lavender nectar at le Moulin

hummingbird hawk-moth taking lavender nectar at le Moulinphoto Max Roche

Chef (Carolynn): Le Moulin's wonderful culinary tradition was launched by Carolynn's sister Jackie, whose background is that of a professional restaurateur. The reins (and the all-important recipe file) were handed to Carolynn - who is in her own right is a consummate cook - in 1994. On this basis Carolynn has continued to hone her natural culinary talents and today le Moulin's vegetarian table is second to none!

Gourmet (Peter): To be completely truthful, the word Gourmet should be tempered with a strong element of the Gourmand when applied to Peter. Although not a strict vegetarian, Peter enjoys le Moulin's vegetarian fare in preference to the meat dishes, because they make even better eating - especially Carolynn's famous bean and onion tart.



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