vegetarian and other delights

France and Vegetarian or Vegan are longer an impossible contradictions in terms.

No longer does Vegetarian Food and France  imply a diet of endless omelettes.

Le Moulin du Chemin proudly presents vegetarian and vegan dishes, beautifully prepared,

using wholesome local ingredients, and pleasingly presented.

- Some of Moulin's Vegetarian Delights -

bean & onion tart

Golden-brown cheese topping on a filling of flavourful onions, white haricot beans, aka mojettes, le Moulin's own free-range eggs with a tang of Dijon mustard, on a firm short crust pastry.


Vegetable shortening is used in the Vegan recipie.

bean and onion tartpasta bake

pasta bake

Le Moulin's pasta bake is based on aubergines, courgettes or another similar vegetable according to availability with a basic tomato and garlic sauce and a cheese and parsley topping.


Cheese is omitted in the Vegan recipie.

vegetarian barbeque accompaniment

vegetarian barbeque

Brochettes of seasonal vegetables including peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms, courgettes, onions, aubergines, etc, accompanied by baked potatoes, celeriac salad, serpentini pasta and a salad of tomatoes and feta cheese with a balsamic vinegar dressing.


Feta cheese is omitted in the vegan recepie.

vegetarian barbeque

Le Moulin's superb vegetarian fare also includes:

     Bean Goulash

     Eggs Florentine

     Leek & Lentil Lasagne

     Broccoli Bake

     Vegetable Quiche

     Tarte Provençale

....... and others

A Balanced Vegetarian Diet

The benefits of a balanced diet based on wholesome raw ingredients are well known. Vegetarian menus at le Moulin are based on vegetables and dairy products as well as on beans and pulses. The latter are nutritionally important to obtain a balanced and healthy vegetarian diet.

- Le Moulin's Raw Ingredients -

fresh vegetablesmoulin cheesesmore fresh vegetables

les haricot blanc (white beans, known locally as mojettes) are a prolific quality crop in the nearby Vendée and are very much enjoyed in the locality.

broody hen

le Moulin's own free-range "organic" eggs

Le Moulin's chickens go to bed at night secured against the risk of attack by Renard. Otherwise the chickens range freely in the woods and fields (and in the garden), eating what natural fare they choose. Their diet is supplemented with corn and wheat. They lay their eggs anywhere; in the stables, the hay-store, nooks and crannies in various buildings and even in the chicken house nesting boxes.

moulin eggs

Food sourcing Other produce comes from local supermarkets, which are very good at sourcing locally, as appropriate according to the season. Consequently le Moulin serves tomatoes that taste like tomatoes used to taste, and soft-fruit and melons that taste like soft-fruit and melons used to taste.

We also use the local health food co-operative to obtain whole pasta and rice, which we consider are more wholesome than the processed varieties.

salad of asparagas, tomatoes and buffalo mozzerella with garlic trimmings

An old man from the village, called Andre Viez (sounds like vieille, so an appropriate name), used to take away our composted horse dropping to bring us the most tender asparagus each spring, before he passed-on to the celestial garden. Other local gardeners, and there are many, let us have their surplus fruits and vegetables.



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