to see in the pays de gâtine*

The Pays de Gâtine is in the French Region of Nouvelle-Aquitaine                                                             *gâtine rhymes with seen, it means "wilderness"

The countryside is varied and interesting - at every turn there is something different to see.

Follow our suggested itineraries or choose your own - you will be delighted by the scenery.

returning from the Boulanger with bread and croissants fresh from the oven for breakfast at le Moulin du Chemin

Walking routes that start and finish at le Moulin du Chemin

 La Sentiere d'Interpretation (Apple and Woodlouse Walk)

a field of spring daisies on leaving le Moulin

 path leading up the rocky track from le Moulin du Cheminspring flowers near the hamlet of la Boule


 Les Jinchères Loops
ancient stone foot bridge between l'Aubrière and les Jinchèreslane leading north from les Jinchéres


 Scillé Route North

the main road D128) into Scillé from the direction of le Moulin du Chemin

sweet chestnuts ripening on the tree

 Contented mother and calf, organically reared by our neighbour


Five Villages Walk

aspects of the fortified farm at la Verdonière and a view over the Vendée

 A 'standard' Swallowtail Butterfly (left) a Scarce Swallowtail Butterfly (right) both seen at different places on this walk. The scarce butterfly is actually more common that the standard butterfly in these parts.

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Coulonges Market and Ardin - a car is required to reach the start of this walk*

Coulonges Market                          photo John Wardrop

Coulonges Market                          photo John Wardrop

Delicious local tomatoes

Disused viaduct at la Roche          photo John Wardrop

Roman Bridge near St Pompain      photo John Wardrop

Communal 'lavoir' at St Pompain   photo John Wardrop

Scillé and les Jinchères - starts and finishes at le Moulin
The 'pixy' bridge near les JinchèresOur neighbour's new-born calves with their motherThe road to le Jinchéres
 Le Beugnon Lakes Picnic - starts and finishes at le Moulin

Steeping-pond at la Fazilière         photo John Wardrop

Picnic at the edge of the forest

Après pique-nique 'boules' game

A timeless pastoral scene           photo Ronnie Lumsden

 Wild angelica in the hedgerow

Hayfield where the Gâtine meets the Vendee

Rocher Branlant - starts and finishes at le Moulin
The tumble of rocks at Rocher BranlantA multitude of primroses in Vernoux-en-GâtineA beer stop in L'Absie enroute back to le Moulin
Marais Poitevin - a car is required to reach the start of this walk*

Typical picturesque waterside cottage

A mute swan on a spring morning

A backwater                                             photo John Wardrop

A mysterious stairway                          photo John Wardrop

Tourists on the waterRagondan in the water
Butchers Wood - starts and finishes at le Moulin
A track through the forestA long abandoned bridgeVariable Buzzard
Mervent Forest and Lakes and Vouvent - a car is required to reach the start of this walk*                                          Mervant Forest photos by John Wardrop

Pont de Deluge in Mervent Forest

A trail in the Mervent Forest

A lake-side cabin in the Mervent Forest

Tourist Office in Vouvant

Coeur du Miracle in Vouvant

Vouvant church (12th/13thCentury)

* Your hosts will arrange taxis, if you wish


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