le moulin - a most auspicious site        

it's great just being there

Moulin Feng-Shui

Adherents of Feng-Shui will recognise that the orientation of le Moulin du Chemin is very auspicious with respect to promotion of a harmonious and healthy environment for the advancement of human wellbeing. The principle characteristics of the sighting are as follows.

   The site is slightly elevated, with the valley floor sloping away from the front of the house, to the south. The slope is about 1m reduction in elevation every 100m.

   Looking south, the site has higher undulating hills to the left (east) than to the right (west) - The Green Dragon is higher than the White Tiger. The hills to the east reach elevations of 192m and 229m, whereas the hills to the west reach elevations of 199m and 203m.

   The hills at the back of the site are higher than the hills to the east, rising in the north to 236m and 241m at la Roche and la Bource respectively. This is the Black Turtle providing protection to the site. More locally, the promontory to the north (elevation 208m), above la Moulin à Drap protects le Moulin du Chemin relative to the shoulder immediately to the east (elevation 192m).

   The front of the property opens onto open pastures flanked by woods along which meanders an auspicious small river, leading to low hills. The low hills symbolise the Crimson Phoenix.


the auspicious site and orientation are shown on this map

Historical Note

It is not known when there was first a building on the site of le Moulin du Chemin. The earliest known date is 1643, although the site could have been used from much earlier times - the Romans established the nearby village of Scillé and signs of earlier human habitation have been found in the locality.

During severe storms, the intensity of the wind and rain is very evident beyond a couple of hundred metres, whereas the immediate vicinity of le Moulin du Chemin remains relatively calm.

This fact, together with the feeling of wellness associated with the site of le Moulin du Chemin, leads to the conclusion that the ancients who first built on the site were sophisticated when it came to choosing a location for human habitation.


Maison d'Hôte: Carolynn Grimaldi,

2 lieu-dit le Moulin du Chemin, 79240 Scillé, France

+33 (0)5 4995 9487

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