le moulin's restorative qualities 

  tranquil surroundings absence of pollution elimination of stress

  wholesome cuisine pure soft water wines without vices deep and easy sleep

  a very auspicious Feng-Shui siting

  a peaceful sanctuary indeed

People claim that le Moulin du Chemin has restorative qualities, and it is true that guests go home in a better mental and physical state than when they arrived.

Le Moulin du Chemin’s restorative properties have everything to do with tranquillity and idyllic surroundings, with birdsong, a clear stream and tumbling water, with butterflies and wild flowers, with freedom from pollution and a near lack of unwanted noise as well as with the banishment of stress.

Invariably guests spend more time in the open air and take more exercise than their normal quota. Appetites are sharpened for le Moulin’s wholesome cuisine which is based on fresh, whole and organic ingredients wherever possible. Processed and pre-prepared components are avoided, so that the food preservatives and artificial flavour, texture and appearance enhancers that are almost inevitably part of normal daily diet are rare, or nonexistent, in le Moulin’s cuisine.

just being at le Moulin du Chemin is a wonderful tonic

The sighting of the buildings at le Moulin du Chemin buildings is very auspicious for promotion of a harmonious and healthy environment for the advancement of well-being of residents and visiting guests, according to the classical principles of Feng Shui.

The pure soft water at le Moulin du Chemin comes from a natural source and, except by nature, has not been recycled. Consequently it is free of manufactured molecules present in a lot of city water supplies.

Each of the excellent wines served at le Moulin du Chemin is characterised by its interesting personality and agreeable nature. The wines have been tested to excess (by Peter and friends) to be sure that they have no physical or mental ill effects (ie that they are hangover free). Hard as it may be to believe, it is true and previous guests will vouch for it.

Under the combined influence of these factors, to most sleep comes easily.

afterthought (lust and merriment)

For Moulin guests who so wish, vervain can be served as a tisane with breakfast and after the evening meal. And this is what has been written concerning vervain.

"….. that the water wherein this Vervain hath beene steeped, being cast or sprinkled about the hall or place whereas any feast or banket is kept, maketh all the companie both lustie and merrie."

Rembert Dodoens, A New Herbal, 1619 

Some might say that vervain holds the secret of the acclaimed wellbeing (both lustie and merrie) experienced by guests and residents alike at le Moulin du Chemin.

wellbeing comes from a strong and healthy mental attitude

and a good balanced diet of wholesome produce

                                                                                                            Jean-Michel Lucet




our aspiration is your bien-être (wellness)

wisteria in May

moon in June

piscine in July

mirabelles in August

 mirabelles in August

Ile d'Aix in September


Maison d'Hôte: Carolynn Grimaldi,

2 lieu-dit le Moulin du Chemin, 79240 Scillé, France

+33 (0)5 4995 9487

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